#DonkeysToInnovators – Choosing what to keep

Top tips on making decisions about what to keep on Disabled Living’s Donkeys to Innovators project.

So, you’ve loads of stuff. You’ve loads of great stuff. But some of it, you’re not sure about. Do you need to keep it all?

Nope. Whilst less isn’t always more when managing archives, you will need to make sure that you keep things for the right reasons. Similarly, you need to make sure that when you discard of something, you’re making the right decision, too.

This is called appraisal and it’s a very important step in creating your archive. Have a look at my blog for simple tips on appraising photographs with Disabled Living’s incredible and vast collection.


For more information about creating your archive from scratch, and other examples of appraisal, have a look at my “Creating Your Own Archive” toolkit for beginners with Manchester Histories.



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