Crowdfunding – Tips from The Home of Honest Coffee

On Tuesday I went to a Q&A by Mark from Future Artists and co-founder of The Home of Honest Coffee.

The Home of Honest Coffee is a not-for-profit small coffee house in Salford, about 5 steps around the corner from Manchester City centre.

The creators wanted to build something that would enable them to give space to creative people to work in the city centre without needing to pay the extortionate rates.

How do they fund this, though?

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Why now?

Why start this blog? Why now?

I’ve been an archivist for 5 years now. I’ve worked with community archives, charities, businesses, museums and higher education institutions. I have learned an incredible amount about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I have progressed as a person and professional and am so very proud of myself.

So: why a blog and why now?

Simple: I want to share.

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