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Contract Overview: Manchester Histories Peterloo, 2019

Background: Manchester Histories was one of the leading organisations managing and delivering the Peterloo 200 years commemorations in Manchester. The themes of the activities were protest, democracy and freedom of speech. They wanted an LGBT+ event as part of that.

Contract: To design, organise and deliver a half-day event where LGBT+ people and organisations share their stories and archives, relating to protest, democracy and freedom of speech.

Time: Less than 5 days over 3 months

Output: 1 half day event


Contract overview: The Pankhurst Centre, 2018-2019

Background: As part of the centenary for some women winning the fight for the right to vote, the Pankhurst Centre ran a volunteer programme to collect an archive centenary events in the city. This would then become part of the centre’s own archive and form an exhibition at the Pankhurst premises about the year’s commemorations.

Contract: To deliver archive workshops to the volunteers at each stage of collecting and appraisal.

Time: 3 days over 7 months

Output: 3 bespoke workshops

Contract overview: The Morrab Library, 2018

Background: The Morrab Library won a scoping grant from the National Archives’ Archives Unlocked programme, to get advice for developing its service and collections.

Contract: To review all policies, procedures, storage, key collections and capacity for development of the archive collection and service, in line with strategic vision.

Time: 5-10 days over 2 months

Output: Detailed report of recommendations

Contract overview: enJOY Arts CIC, 2018

Background: enJOY Arts CIC’s Her Hidden Histories was a project to tell the stories of women’s work in transport, law enforcement and women’s rights movements in Manchester during the early 20th century. Researching archival stories and designing and performing original musicals to tell those stories in historic locations. with school groups.

Contract: To support the archival research of the teams as well as deliver archive workshops to the school groups, supporting the curation of the digital exhibition.

Time: 10 days over 8 months

Output: 6 workshops

Contract overview: Hyde Chapel, 2018-2019

Background: The chapel won a Heritage Fund grant to restore its organ and create its archive.

Contract: To create the archive of the chapel from the records within the building, preserve and catalogue the records and deliver community workshops on the collection.

Time: 15-20 days over 9 months

Output: Detailed catalogue, repackaged collection, 4 workshops, 1 digital exhibition

Contract overview: Spirit of 2012, 2018

Background: Spirit of 2012 wished to encourage young people to think about politics by commissioning an exhibition of archive material of young suffragists and suffragettes and publish a free Key Stage 3 learning pack based on the archive material.

Contract: To support the digitisation of the archive material, to create the learning resource.

Time: 7-10 days over 6 months

Output: Digital exhibition, comprehensive KS3 learning pack