The day I’ve had.

Friday 23 October 2015 was one of those days that was busy to begin with.

And then just got better and better.

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Tchaikovsky’s BFF

With some items in archives, you only realise their true historical significance after you’d researched them. You may not recognise the company name engraved into the red-rot spine of the minute book, the photograph may be undated and its occupants anonymous or you may not know to whom or from whom a letter was sent just by its signature.

Those euphoric reveal moments are wonderful and luckily an archivist’s life is full of them.

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Why now?

Why start this blog? Why now?

I’ve been an archivist for 5 years now. I’ve worked with community archives, charities, businesses, museums and higher education institutions. I have learned an incredible amount about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I have progressed as a person and professional and am so very proud of myself.

So: why a blog and why now?

Simple: I want to share.

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