Could a robot do my job?

I’d like to think not.

What prompted me to ask this question is the Philosophy Cafe discussion at the Manchester Art Gallery which posed the query, “When machines do all human work, what will humans do?”

Typical to philosophers, we attacked the question first before we addressed it. So instead of jumping straight into the thought experiment, we asked whether this would ever be a possibility.

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Cosmopolitan responsibility

Can we, through mere conversation, come to tolerate and accept every other human being on this planet? Do we have a practical and positive responsibility to every single human being on this planet by the nature of our shared humanity? What are our basic responsibilities to every other human on the planet?

I read Cosmopolitanism by K.A. Appiah over Christmas. It took a couple of goes and lots of jotting down to figure out his argument but I think I’ve got the basics. The questions above were raised by Appiah and answered in a sort of philosophical/anthropological/sociological/economical way. It went something like:

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