Brio vol.54, no.1 : “Supply and Demand: ‘more, more, more’ meets archives”

I’ve developed my (rather jazzy) talk for the International Association of Music Libraries’ 2016 conference into a proper published article.

IAML’s UK publication “Brio” got in touch (lovely people) and asked me to write it out since it was so well received.

Well! I’ve never really been published before and explained at the get-go that I could no longer be considered an academic writer. Those days are LONG gone. Apparently, my energy and delivery at the conference was something they wanted to shine through so I was given pretty much free rein.

I managed to restrain myself a little bit but overall I was very pleased with the outcome.

The article basically is a much deeper exploration into the case studies of my projects at the Royal Northern College of Music Archives. Those are outlined briefly in an earlier blog post.

If you manage to get your hands on a copy of the current Brio edition, do give my contribution a glance and let me know what you think.



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