Finding Aid Friday: Propaganda Archives Edition

A great resource for highlighting political archives in the US.
I still hold (and likely always will) a massive nuclear blazing torch for Labour History Archive and Study Centre, though.

Finding Aid

A few weeks ago, I put out a call for Finding Aid Friday ideas in WordPress’s Community Pool. Sarah, who runs Prejudice and Politics, suggested political propaganda.  (Prejudice and Politics is a really awesome blog in which countries are personified as if they were drunks at a bar sharing sob stories. The post on Brexit is great. I won’t mind if you bail on me to read it.)

I really wanted to include some international collections, but I’m limited to English, high school Spanish, college Latin, and five words in Russian (one of which is better suited for sailors, not searching finding aids). And Google Translate is better at bringing the giggles than anything else, so… I’m stuck with collections held by American institutions. Please feel free to let me know of any great collections outside the 50 States.

Without further adieu, propaganda poster finding aids!

Cindy  Domingo was an activist who organized on…

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