Why now?

Why start this blog? Why now?

I’ve been an archivist for 5 years now. I’ve worked with community archives, charities, businesses, museums and higher education institutions. I have learned an incredible amount about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I have progressed as a person and professional and am so very proud of myself.

So: why a blog and why now?

Simple: I want to share.

Why should I keep all these things to myself? It seems a bit selfish. Sure, you could book an appointment with the archives to see the collections, and to be honest there’s nothing better than holding history in your hands. Having it touch your skin. However, if I connect people to the collections and my work even more and at the same time satisfy my impulse to disseminate as much knowledge as possible, then I will.

I have a few years of stories behind me and even more ahead of me. My repertoire is constantly growing and being able to only tell people I meet about it is not enough anymore. I must branch out into virtual strangers.

Hence: blog.

Also, I’m now freelance as well as employed so… gotta get that out there! Check out my Consultancy page from the menu at the top for info.

Please post a comment if you have queries or just want to say ‘hi’. I’d love to hear from you.


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